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Meet Beatrice Sargin, B.Sc. CEO/Owner/Operator BeYAH Fitness


expert beatrice_sargin

I am energetic and passionate when it comes to well-being and prosperity, and trust that the declaration of human development is an effective device for holistic healing. Being Fit is not just an expression, but it involves special methods of moving oneself to challenge the body, brain, soul, and feelings. I began my own trip to fitness, health and wellness in my mid-twenties to help adapt to the worries of experiencing youthfulness,  having low confidence and negative self-perception/dysmorphia. As a dancer, I have been captivated by body movement from that point onward. I have discovered that having a real love association with myself and my body-disengaged from results or objectives have been the absolute best approach to discover holistic healing! Presently, rather than utilizing wellness as a necessary chore, I utilize and rouse individuals to have wellness as the end-all by itself. Come and perceive how you also can recuperate and develop! We are in this together. Together, we are better and more grounded.



As the founder of BeYAH Fitness, I speak to you, the normal individual needing to roll out a positive improvement in their way of life. I have experienced the trials, difficulties, and all the more as of late, the victories. Presently it's your turn! Our group of Holistic wellbeing and fitness experts will enthusiastically work with you to enable you to accomplish your objectives. Together, we will work towards your better health and work to get you in the best state of your life.

Her energy is connected with, and her comical inclination spurs her customers to defeat boundaries in a pleasant way.


Meet Betty Bogdanowicz, M.Sc. - Holistic Health Specialist & Expert

expert Betty Bogdanowicz

I highly advocate for 4 Steps To Health Approach which are:

 1. Super hydration with natural living water

2 Cleansing and Detox with state of the art programs available

3 Cellular nutrition: which providing nutrients not only to our body but to our cells as well

4 Health Protection as the best Health, Weight Loss and Wellness Protocol used by Sportsman/Sportswoman, Health Coaches and Celebrities. Altogether 6 Million Healthy People All Over The World. Our Mission Statement: If You Want to Be Healthy, start with the basics, Start With Water!

Betty Bogdanowicz health expert

I  want to share how life can be changed, how our body and wellbeing can be made strides. In regular daily existence, we tend not to value our body and wellbeing, which is sublime creation. We were given it at the start of our life and what we will do with it, we see at the end of our life. I comprehended it when I touched base in Canada when I backed off a smidgen and concentrated on the most vital thing in my life, my wellbeing. At that point, I understood that I need to concentrate on that and keep it in an ideal shape as. After that, my companion approached me for an assistance. She required a disease cure, normally concocted in Canada. I began to explore, what is about with this disease since I didn't know a thing about it. You know, it resembles when you are not touched by this, you couldn't care less and it isn't imperative to you. However, shockingly, I have learnt that in 15-20 years, practically every fourth individual will have this malady. Me, being unyielding and knickknacks I said NO. I am not going to hold up when somebody from my family, my companions will get growth and I won't have the capacity to help. It isn't me, I battle to the end.

Tragically, I was not ready to help my companion in time.

After that, I was examining and burrowing further through the web, books and some other media. I began to meet intriguing individuals who additionally searching for the appropriate responses. That way I discovered Paul's YouTube film and something moved in me. I realize that all he was talking was correct. My nature has never fizzled me, or perhaps it was a ladies instinct. That is the reason I continually tune into it and it disclosed to me that it will be IT. That way I joined Coral Club. Getting increasingly learning I need to impart it to you and that is the reason I made this site, to help you with finding the responses to a superior wellbeing. I have learnt the 4 Steps To Health reasoning and it changed my life and numerous others. That is the reason I feel that it is my obligation to impart it to you also. I like sharing.

Hopefully, my work will provide information on how to enhance your wellbeing, the characteristic solution is simply the appropriate response, therapeutic news and part of myself.

Sitting tight for you as you get in touch to get to know more here.

Betty Bogdanowicz a graduate M.Sc Civil Engineer is a wellness advocate, Blogger, Entrepreneur, and a Co-founder of coralchoice.com. who is passionate about Water and a healthy lifestyle. As a health specialist expert in the holistic field, Betty's gentle, yet remarkably easy and firm approach is really motivating to help people overcome their challenges with vitality to embrace fitness and wellness with passion.








Peter Umah (Esq) 

Peter Umah

Peter Umah a graduate computer scientist is an entrepreneur who's adopted a more conventional strategy to his expertise on holistic fitness - yet in a way that takes care to address his target audience.

      Peter Umah Fitness

Fitness is very important for the body and hence it's very important to keep the body and mind healthy despite our normal day to day busy schedules.  Despite all busy schedules as a business entrepreneur, he believes that health comes first and he tends to balances both business as Fitness is part of his passionate pleasures.

Regardless of having various noteworthy achievements added to his belt (repertoire), he essentially does care about showing them freely. Along these lines, he inclines toward making his passion for fitness more "light."

Despite his busy schedules, he appreciates the value of positivity, hence he pays attention to the Law of Attraction by also channelling his focus towards staying healthy and fit.