fitness hacks

It’s the new year and the holiday season is slowly coming up to a wrap. A lot of us let ourselves go and skipped working out for a while and now we’re looking for some fitness hacks to ease our journey back to being fit. 

The year already started hectic with work, studies, family duties, and all the new year resolutions we had planned and let’s not forget the weather. Getting back into working out maybe something that would seem harder than it is and you’re probably wondering how you’ll fit your fitness routine into your already busy life. 

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These hacks below will show you how. 

1. Give yourself a break.

Most of the time we’re on a strict diet, working out for hours every day, going on long runs, and so on. All of these could be exhausting especially if you already have a very busy schedule. This is what makes fitness a drag for you. 

Make your fitness routine according to your schedule and the time you have at hand. Contrary to popular belief, doing a lot doesn’t guarantee you a fit body. It’s just going to make you sore and tired. 

2. Stop dieting.

It might sound counterproductive but you need to go off whatever strict diet you placed yourself on. It’s a common belief that in order to lose weight you need to be on some diet. While this is true in the case of obesity and so on, not everyone requires a diet. 

The better thing to do is to eat healthily and in moderation. Do not skip any meal. Cut out sugar and introduce vegetables, fruits and food high in fibre. Drink lots of water but don’t overdo it.  

3. Create a routine and stick to it.

Create a fitness routine that works for you and one you can easily stick to. Start off with a simple routine and as you go you can add a few changes when it’s become too easy or boring.

4. Get a workout partner.

Getting a workout buddy with a fitness goal similar to yours is a great idea. This will be a great motivation to you and if you don’t have one, listening to music while you workout can give you some motivation to go further and this makes your exercise fun. 

5. Add morning runs to your fitness routines.

Invest in some running shoes. There is so much benefit from running both to your health and your fitness. A short run of fifteen minutes can go a long way more than you think. 

6. Try positive reinforcement.

Reward yourself when necessary. This will make you feel good about yourself for sticking to your fitness goal and this is also good for motivation. 

7. Don’t forget your rest days.

Give your body time to recuperate and heal. The muscles will get sore and tired and if you don’t rest and you’ll end up hurting yourself badly. A long night’s rest is also important.

These hacks will have you conquering your fitness goals in no time so give them a try.

March 1, 2021
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The year already started hectic with work, studies, family duties, and all the new year resolutions we had planned, and let's not forget the weather. Getting back into working out maybe something that would seem harder than it is and you're probably wondering how you'll fit your fitness routine into your already busy life.