Remain Fit
“The Perfect Treat You Can Spoil Yourself With Is To Remain Fit”. – Beatrice Sargin
Get Close To Perfection
“But If At First You Don’t Succeed, Dust YOURSELF OFF And Try Again. You Can Get Anything You Want If Work your hardest…” Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Holistic Healing
Holistic Healing For Wellbeing
Being Fat is not an evidence of good living, it simply shows that you do not love yourself enough to get rid of that suffocation inside. Find out the benefits of weight loss plus ways to lose weight with this opportunity to bring out your sexy looks.
We have quite a sufficient amount of strength training workout routines offering you an opportunity to lay a foundation of building a stronger bone and muscle.
We offer great opportunities combining speed, strength, movement and endurance that will tone your body to give you that sexy and desirable look you desire. Learn how you can tone your body with our routines.


Now that you're here, use this opportunity to check out our amazing products. Get obsessed with our motivational and inspired wellness books to build your physique in style to enable embrace your sexiness. WEBSITE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION, PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE WORK ON IT TO GIVE YOU A BEFITTING WEB CONTENT PAGES!!!


As a team, we work remotely to improve the holistic health of our clients from our various services and improvement practices to ensure that they are fit, nourished in their entire existence & happy at all times.
Beatrice Sargin

Beatrice Sargin

CEO, Founder & Owner
Beatrice Sargin is a dancer/choreographer, Blogger and a graduate Microbiologist who is passionate about nutrition and holistic wellbeing. She strives to reach out to all at globally with her objectives of achieving their fitness goals using dance, dieting, latest fitness ideas and everyday workouts.
Betty Bogdanowicz

Betty Bogdanowicz

Holistic Health Specialist & Expert
Betty Bogdanowicz, a graduate Civil Engineer is a wellness advocate, Blogger, Entrepreneur, and a Co-founder of who is passionate about Water and a healthy lifestyle. She strives to reach out to everyone globally with her objectives of using water as the best health, Weight Loss and Wellness Protocol used by sportsman, sportswoman, Health Coaches and Celebrities.
Peter Umah

Peter Umah

Personal Fitness Trainer
Peter Umah a graduate Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur & a Personal Trainer who is passionate about fitness and health. He knows how to balance business and holistic fitness which is a value so many can't manage at the same time. Health is something he considers very vital and he doesn't allow fatigue gets the best of him. He strives to share vital experiences globally on how to balance work and still meet up fitness goals.



Getting rid of those pounds is as harder as you could ever imagine. Cravings are your worst nightmares often and each time you try to abstain, you turn around and your stomach nostrils calls for it. It takes focus, motivation from your trainer and the rest of the hard work depends on you. I had to use this opportunity to explore in this adventure to look good. Thankfully all my hard work paid off and I lost 65 pounds after. Truly embracing my sexiness and am thankful for this transformation!!
Lisenny R.

Lisenny R.


I did my examination and concluded that I had two options: remain the way I was with the infrequent achievement or get another come about by accomplishing something I had not done previously. So I embarked on this fitness trip, it wasn't at all easy but I've got a great coach and am happy with how I turned out perfect. I got daily motivational fitness quotes from BeYAH Fitness to brace me for what I had hoped for and thankfully all the strength paid off.
Seline B.

Seline B.

Freelance Philantropist

You never really know what a real adventure tastes like until you take a fitness Trip. With perception and my reality in check, I found how dedicated and trained I am towards achieving my objectives, which was to just get in shape and also quantify my achievement in the nature of my rest, in my disposition amid the day and a solid shine in my face with no cosmetics. Right now am drinking 2 litres of pop each and every day and using a diet routine rich in starches and sugars. Thankfully BeYAH Fitness motivated me even more to become.
Macy J.

Macy J.

Interior Designer

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“BeYAH Fitness Provides You With An Opportunity To Treat Your Body With Care To Love & Embrace Your Sexiness”. – Beatrice Sargin

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