H-500 Content by: Beatrice Sargin & Betty Bogdanowicz

H-500 & Health

H-500 is the most intense ionic cancer prevention agent that kills free radicals. H-500 is the richest source of negatively charged hydrogen in ionic shape. This type of hydrogen is available in a couple of characteristic springs the world over and in raw food, however, when water is separated artificially and the food is processed the hydrogen is lost since it is extremely delicate to light and warmth. The more prominent the measure of free ionic hydrogen a man devours through food and water the greater imperativeness and lifespan they will have.

These days the vast majority are carrying on with a bustling way of life; our sustenances are generally prepared and water of a low quality, which after some time exhausts the body’s vitality assets prompting low vitality, untimely maturing, metabolic clutters, gathering of poisons, low inclination and unending conditions.

H-500 is a blend of soluble ionic minerals with the hydrogen power of nearly – 500, which clarifies its name; H remains for hydrogen and – 500 is the intensity of negative charge/particles. It is the most grounded and most secure cell reinforcement in ionic shape accessible available around the world.

Another reality that makes it an exceptional item with no opposition is that not at all like different cell reinforcements it doesn’t oxidize in light of the fact that it is in an unadulterated ionic frame, though different cancer prevention agents, for example, vitamin C or A, subsequent to giving one of their electrons turn into a free radicals themselves. H-500 doesn’t transform into a free radical as well as it will keep and turn around different cancer prevention agents from ending up free radicals.

Key advantages of H-500:

– Reinforces resistance

– Prevents untimely maturing

– Improves skin, hair and nails

– Promotes vitality creation

– Improves mental execution

– Supports cardiovascular well-being

– Reduces develop of lactic corrosive and accelerate recuperation after exercise

– Boosts perseverance and improve execution amid physical exercises

H-500 fixings:

Magnesium (citrate shape) – the most critical mineral required by the body. It is engaged with in excess of 300 biochemical responses on the cell level. Many of us need magnesium and particularly individuals with wellbeing conditions are seriously inadequate.

Magnesium is the enchantment answer for some, wellbeing conditions, for example, issues, sleep deprivation, muscle torment, fibromyalgia, nervousness, immune system conditions, hypertension, glucose adjusting, exhaustion, cerebral pains, osteoporosis, heart conditions and stoppage. World driving specialists in the wellbeing business connect low magnesium with relatively every ailment and key for recouping from numerous infections.

Potassium (ascorbate) is one of the three most bounteous antacid minerals in the body. It keeps up electrolyte adjust and controls liquids in the body. It is additionally fundamental for all organs and frameworks works however particularly it is vital for the heart, kidneys, mind and musculoskeletal framework.

Boron and silicon are other fundamental minerals for sound bones and connective tissues.

The most effective method to utilize H-500:

Take one case early in the day with a glass of warm water and one in the mid-evening with a glass of warm water.

To show signs of improvement result, it is prescribed to open the case and disintegrate it in a half quart (500ml) of warm water and drink it inside 20 minutes or taste it between dinners or while working out. You can add the H-500 to your smoothies to prevent antioxidant lost and rapid oxidation.

Remember to drink more water daily.

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