6 Simple Things To Do To Have An Intelligent Baby

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Here are 6 Simple things to do to have an intelligent baby. A lot of times, I’ve heard people say if you want to have an intelligent kid, marry an intelligent woman. Basically, this has been researched and is still being researched to date. The mother has a huge role to play in their kids’ being intelligent. Research showed that genes for intelligence are carried by the mother’s X chromosomes. If it comes from the father’s X chromosomes this is usually dormant or inactive in the child. We are in a world where people love intelligent kids and are drawn to them for their exploits. If you are a woman and you are intelligent, kudos to you and your kids or future kids. If you’re not so intelligent then you must be smart reading this to make brainier babies. As a woman, there are things to do so that our babies can be smart and intelligent. It is true that cleverness as a gene plays a major role in determining the personality of your kid, but certain lifestyle choices can play a vital role to see to it that clever genes can be programmed in the womb.


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It is the dream of every parent that their babies grow up to become intelligent and healthy. We all would love to brag about our kids’ exploits.  Here are some things to consider, as a mother. your emotions, genes, and what you eat when pregnant have a role to play in nurturing your baby’s intelligence. As a mother, live right and make healthy lifestyle choices for your baby’s sake. Research shows that only half of a baby’s IQ is gotten from genes and the rest from the baby’s environment.

Here are 6 Simple Things To Do To Have An Intelligent Baby.

  1. Eat Nutritious & Healthy Foods, and Supplement as Well:

    You are what you eat is not just a quote but it is real. Eat foods rich in vitamins, and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for a baby’s brain development. Try to eat spinach, soybeans, leafy greens, and lots of fish in your diet. Take foods rich in iron as they help to circulate oxygen to the baby’s brain cells.  Eat nuts like walnuts and almonds during your pregnancy as they contain niacin and protein for energy and overall growth. If you can add prenatal vitamins and supplements to your diet. Always take folic acid daily tablet but reduce the intake if you are pregnant with fibroids as this will give the fibroids the upper hand over your baby.  If you are to take any supplements, ensure you discuss this with your doctor so they can prescribe one for you. Don’t get over-the-counter prescriptions.
    Monitor your thyroid levels, the thyroid is essential for the body of a woman when pregnant. Thyroid deficiency in mothers affects the intelligence of the baby. Take foods rich in sodium like iodized salt and yogurt.


  2. Stay Active:

    Engage in physical activity to boost your endorphins for both you and your baby. This is one of the most important aspects of pregnancy. Exercise and avoid lazying if you want to have smarter and more active babies. Engage in physical exercise and your baby will be happy as well. You might be wondering but hormones that are released during exercises cross to the placenta, giving your baby feel-good chemicals for a couple of good hours. Regular exercises increase the flow of blood in every area of your body including the womb hence boosting your baby’s brain. The latest research shows that mothers increase neurons of the baby’s hippocampus i.e the baby’s memory and learning part of their brain by 40%.

  3. Listening to songs:

    Music is not only entertaining for kids but for adults as well. Listening to songs helps to release serotonin and other happy chemicals that help the baby to increase concentration power and stay calm as well. When the baby is in the womb around 20 – 24 weeks, they respond to sound. At this point, they don’t understand anything but this helps to stimulate their brains. Expose your babies to nursery rhymes in the third trimester as this helps their curiosity to stay calm by stimulation. You can start talking to them and start bonding as they also learn to identify their mother’s voice.

  4. Enjoy the Sun:

    Taking a walk is important. Vitamin D is found in the sun and it is important for both mother and baby. Most women lack vitamin D and the one needed for healthy bones and growth comes from the sun. You can try to get lots of vitamin D in your diet if you can because a lack of vitamin D causes Autism when a child is born. Take this seriously, enjoy the morning sun and take foods rich in vitamin D like eggs and oily fish so your baby can develop a healthy heart and strong bones.

  5. Massage Your Baby:

    Gentle massage helps to stimulate your baby. From 20 weeks, your baby can feel the touch of the mother and they enjoy it. Stroking and gently calming messages from the mother to the baby soothe the baby. It is interesting to know that a baby can differentiate the father’s touch from the mother’s at this time. according to research.

    Your baby has a sense of smell, so whatever you do, try to be in places with soothing fragrances whenever you can as this exercises the baby’s brain for stimulation.

    Stress for the mother is not good for the baby as this affects the baby. If a mother is seriously stressed (psychologically, mentally, or emotionally) it affects the child, especially when it comes to them doing Math in the future.

  6. Start Reading Kid’s Stories When Pregnant:

You can call this the story time habit. You can be surprised but learning starts at an early stage in the third trimester. The foundations of language for babies usually start from the womb. During the third trimester, your babies are sensitive and they tend to memorize sounds they hear frequently like dog barks or cat noises. A researcher asked a mother to read a passage from a children’s book by Theodor Geisel, 1957 from the book The Cat In The Hat in the third trimester repeatedly. After the child was born, the babies recognized that passage when they heard it and always get excited or joyous when they hear it repeated.

This content was fact-checked and carefully written and thoroughly researched. I hope these 6 Simple Things To Do To Have An Intelligent Baby will be helpful for aspiring mothers. Feel free to share your thought on the 6 Simple Things To Do To Have An Intelligent Baby.


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