What Is Dance?

There are different ways to which we can relate the concept of dance in definitive terms such as:

  • Dancing is human routine body development movement made up and communicated for a stylish purpose of entertainment.
  • Dancing is the visible manifestation of the transient method of articulation performed stylishly by the human body making use of the available space.
  • Dancing is human creative conduct formed deliberately, purposefully and rhythmical for social plus educative purposes. This is usually a crafted masterpiece of stylish self-esteem plus nonverbal body development and rhythmic movement.


Why Do We Consider Dancing An Essential Factor In Relation To Fitness & Wellbeing?

Dancing is like breathing. Dancing is the cultivation of the mind and rectification of the thoughts in actual manifestation with the feet. Dance has a way of creating serenity (inner peace), joy, creativity, passion, happiness and a very helpful routine of weight loss.

A dancer is closer to fitness than you can ever imagine. Dancing burns 3,000 k/cals in one hour. It causes us consume those calories with extreme heat while enhancing our stamina. Just imagine the life of a dancer when they always practice as practice is the key. Each practice is an aerobic exercise as it involves the whole body movement no matter the dance type.

When you keep dancing, your muscles gain more weight plus balance which keeps the dancer stable and this builds their confidence as fitness level. Partaking in dance fitness exercises plays such vital roles as:


1. Dance is essential for wellness, apart from being a funfilled experience, a dancer will develop a physical long-lasting fitness and wellbeing no matter the age.

2. Dancing is very good at boosting morales for dancers all over the globe as they are open to embracing themselves and inner beauty in manifestation.

"Dancing is bringing perception into reality using your feet and your entire body". Beatrice Sargin

3. Dance encourages social bonds amongst peers and advanced people, giving them all a unique identity as dancers as everyone is opened to learning new things as one.

"The only dancer you should compare yourself to is the one you use to be."

4. Dancers make use of innovativeness and creative ability. to chip off body shapes creation through diverse creative energy levels. This plays a major role in life as many rooms for future improvement is allowed during practice.

"Be the servant to the music as you live and breathe through the rhythm of your master, serve gracefully with your feet to create an impression by being passionate".  Beatrice Sargin

5. Euphoria is the primary benefit in a dance gathering. You are exposed to feel flexible articulation, meet new colleagues as well as other benefits from dance sessions.

"Dancing makes you an art because your performance makes people feel something and are drawn towards you." Beatrice Sargin

6. Dance is very beneficial to our heart, cardiovascular framework and expands our lung limit.

7. Dancing can keep the joints of bones greased which reduces osteoporosis in men & women. For ladies amid post-menopause, there can be a huge drop in estrogen levels which prevents calcium from being ingested into the bones. Moving can likewise help keep joints greased up to forestall joint inflammation.

8. Dancing is like exercising and this helps in the circulation of better blood all through the body. This is essential in the case of diabetic patients since the circulation of blood can regulate and keep their glucose level under control.

9. Dancing keeps you mentally active and also a sharp recollective memory. This is because the mind of a dancer is designed to be open at all times to learn and create new things.

10. Dancing helps to keep the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System fit as a fiddle by enhancing the association of our bodies to our brain.

11. In all, dancing has a holistic benefit for all. It is socially satisfying, recreational and engaging with happiness every step of the way.