46 Reasons To Drink Enough Water Daily

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Why Should You Drink Water Daily?

Water is essential to our Health. There are plenty of reasons why we should drink enough water daily. According to the research carried out by Dr. Batmanghelige, below are the 46 reasons why you should take water daily.

  1. Without water, there is practically no life.
  2. The lack of water in the body can lead to a total system shutdown.
  3. It is the primary source of energy for our bodies.
  4. It generates electrical and magnetic energy in our body cells.
  5. Water is a binding material in each cell.
  6. Water protects DNA and increases the DNA recovery mechanism.
  7. The immune system of the spinal cord gets boosted by adequate water intake.
  8. It serves as a solvent for all nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.
  9. Water energizes nutrients to provide the needed energy when being absorbed by the cells.
  10. It aids the absorption of all kinds of food.
  11. Water flow serves as a transport system for all substances within our bodies.
  12. Water increases the effectiveness of the erythrocytes’ oxygen capacity.
  13. It provides additional oxygen to our body cells.
  14. The presence of water helps to transport toxins out of our bodies.
  15. Water lubricates our joints and prevents arthritis and spinal pain.
  16. Spinal disc crushings are possible because of the water in our bodies.
  17. Water is the most delicate laxative agent.
  18. The rate of heart attacks and strokes is reduced by drinking enough water.
  19. It prevents occlusions in the heart and brain arteries.
  20. Coincidentally, water is the essential cooling agent, as well as a heating agent.
  21. Water provides energy and power to our brains.
  22. Water is necessary to produce neurotransmitters as well as serotonin.

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Additional Benefits of Water to Our Bodies.

  1. Drinking enough water is necessary for the production of hormones in our bodies.
  2. Water helps kids and even adults to concentrate.
  3. Taking water increases work effectiveness and focus.
  4. Water is the best tonic without side effects.
  5. Adequate water helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.
  6. Taking adequate water improves sleeping.
  7. Water helps to remove fatigue and provides “youth” energy.
  8. Daily intake of water improves our skin and delays the aging effect.
  9. Taking enough water causes shiny eyes.
  10. Water prevents glaucoma.
  11. Water normalizes blood production in the spinal cord.
  12. Nausea during pregnancy can be taken care of by taking adequate water.
  13. Constant water intake is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.
  14. It prevents blood clod and encourages circulation.
  15. It eliminates pain during menstruation and heat during menopause.
  16. Water and heart contraction creates waves that prevent solid molecules from setting on blood vessel walls.
  17. Our body does not have water storage during hydration shortages. Thus, water should be consumed Every Day!
  18. Dehydration due to the lack of water stops sex hormone production.
  19. Regular Water drinking helps to distinguish hunger from thirst.
  20. Water is the best in the weight reduction process.
  21. Dehydration prevents the detoxification process of our body.
  22. Water improves mind-body alignment, which helps to be more productive.
  23. Water prevents memory loss during the aging process. Thus, it prevents Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Scattered Sclerosis, and Lou Gehrig’s diseases. In general, it prevents central nervous system deterioration.
  24. Water helps with bad habits fight, including caffeine, alcohol, and drug “abuse.”

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