5 Fruits to Avoid or Limit During Pregnancy

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So we are aware that fruits are essential for the body during pregnancy but there are some to limit during pregnancy. You might be wondering, Really? Yes, really. Pregnancy is a whole adventure on its own and in most cases challenging for women in regard to their holistic well-being. While everyone is expecting the newborn, the tales of morning sickness, mood swings, and midnight hunger can be pretty daunting. Diet is essential for pregnant women all through the 3-phases but there are some to avoid as well. There are some Experts who disclosed a list of fruits to avoid or limit during pregnancy as they pose a potential risk to the mother and fetus which we will talk about here.

Here are 5 Fruits Pregnant Women Should Avoid During Pregnancy As Suggested By Experts

  1. Pineapples:
    Pineapples are delicious and one of the most craved of all for pregnant women. It is also a super healthy fruit but contains bromelain. Since pineapples contain bromelain, pregnant women should resist this urge and avoid this fruit. You may ask why? This is because bromelain plays a huge role in softening the cervix of a woman.

    Eating this fruit when pregnant can induce labor when it’s not time yet. Eating too much of it can result in stomach problems like diarrhea hence dehydration. Most doctors believe you can eat pineapples in small portions since the fruits contain essential nutrients needed by the body.  To be safe, it is best to limit the intake of pineapples during the first trimesters of pregnancy. If still confused about this, discuss the options with your doctor.

  2. Grapes:
    Grapes should be avoided when pregnant especially in the third trimester, this is because it contains resveratrol a toxic compound that can result in pregnancy complications. You might be wondering, how is this possible when we eat it regularly and we are not affected? Here’s how, the resveratrol causes severe hormonal changes that causes hormonal imbalances when pregnant. It also has a heat generating properties that can affect both mother and child.

    Similar to pineapples, if you are to consume grapes, take in moderation when pregnant, then it can be a low pregnancy risk fruit.

  3. Pawpaw (papaya):
    Pawpaw or papaya as it is known, when ripe is a nutritious fruit for pregnant women. However most pregnant women crave for the unripe ones which is not safe. The unripe papaya contains latex which triggers contractions of the uterine. Also, If you are a fan of eating the skin of ripe papaya, please avoid that when pregnant.

    Both the ripe skin and seeds of papaya are unsafe to eat when pregnant. Taking unripe papaya or the ripe skin and seeds when pregnant will lead early labor or miscarriages in most cases. Most people tend to avoid papaya all through their pregnancies, you can discuss more with your doctor on this.

  4. Frozen & Canned Fruits:
    Frozen & canned fruits are not healthy options for pregnant women as they are preserved to extend their shelf-life. Sometimes, the preservation technique can be toxic for the baby. It is best to always source for fresh fruits when pregnant and do your best to avoid frozen or canned fruits.

  5. Bitter Melon:
    Bitter Melon also Ewuro in Yoruba and Onugbu in Ibo is one fruit that irritates the uterus. The bitter melon contains toxic components like saponic glycosides, morodicine and quinine that when consumed during pregnancy can lead to premature birth or miscarriages. Another disadvantage of taking this fruit is that it not only irritates the skin by causing rashes but it can also cause nausea, abdominal pains and diarrhea.

Final Thoughts:

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Some fruits have lots of sugar in it, when consumed for pregnant women can cause gestational disorder. For this reason, it is advisable to completely avoid fruit juice and maintain your fruit intake to be small servings size. This will help you get the desired nutrients and keeping out the excess sugars from your system. Always wash your fruits thoroughly with running water especially the ones you are cutting or peeling. Safety is important for both mother and baby, do not use detergents, bleach or soaps to clean your fruits because of the chemicals. Don’t forget to discuss options with your doctors on key points to get adequate amount of nutrients for you and your baby. Best of luck in your pregnancy journey towards a healthier you and baby!


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