10 Healthy Fruits To Eat During Pregnancy

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As pregnant women, we are encouraged to eat lots of fruits to give nutrients to our bodies.  We will be discussing 10 healthy fruits to eat during pregnancy in this post. You might be wondering, there are foods to watch but why fruits, fruits are good? Yes, fruits are good and that’s why you’re reading this to learn more.

Pregnancy changes a lot of things, it changes your looks, what you eat, and the quantity you eat among others. When it comes to fruits, everyone knows that fruits are essential to health as they contain certain vitamins and minerals needed for the body. Fruits help to keep you and your baby strong all through the pregnancy. But in eating fruits, you have to be cautious enough to discuss your fruit options with your doctor or physician. This is because all fruits are good but there are some you should avoid while pregnant. Now, you have to consider the well-being of the little one you are carrying as you are solely responsible for them, and this matters in what you eat. All you need to do is ask questions, and discuss with your doctor during your appointment to protect your baby.

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When a woman is pregnant there are more dos than don’ts in the picture of what to do, what to eat and Yes, women ought to be careful what they eat as pertaining to their child’s growth and development as some things consumed tend to affect a child. Fruits can help both mother and baby with lots of healthy vitamins and minerals that’s because they are super. When a woman is pregnant, she needs food rich in folic acid, fiber, vitamins A and C vitamins, potassium, and many other nutrients in other to boost their immune system and that of their babies keeping both strong until the baby is born and fruits are the easiest way to get all the nutrients just mentioned.

10 Healthy Fruits To Eat During Pregnancy Arranged Alphabetically

  1. Apples

    Apples are very rich in fiber and fiber helps to prevent hemorrhoids a common concern for pregnant women. The fiber in apples when consumed helps to regulate digestion and good bowels for pregnant women alongside the nutrient it gives to the baby in the womb.

  2. Banana

    Banana is rich in potassium which is an excellent nutrient source needed by both mother and baby. Potassium helps in blood pressure and fluid regulation in the body of a woman thus helping to prevent pain and cramps in the leg during the final phase of pregnancy.

  3. Berries

    Berries such as
    blueberries; power packed with antioxidants, fiber, folate, vitamin C, and potassium needed by both mother and baby.
    blackberries; are very much needed for baby bone development and growth.
    blackcurrants; contain B vitamins needed by both mother and baby.
    white currants; are a rich source of folic acid and help both mother and baby avoid vitamin deficiency.
    strawberries; are very rich in iron, fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants, and folic acid which is essential for both mother and child.
    elderberries; eat moderately
    cloudberries; are rich in vitamin C & E that help to prevent dryness and wrinkles.
    cranberries; are rich in vitamins C, E & K, magnesium, and calcium which are needed during pregnancy for both mother and baby. Cranberries help to protect the cell of the woman, repair damaged tissues, and help in proper bone and teeth development for the baby.
    chokeberries; are rich in antioxidants that help to boost the immune system of the mother and also protect the heart. (Eat moderately)
    goji berries; are very rich in iron and help to boost the immune system but eat with caution as it contains betaine also discuss this with your doctor on this before consumption
    raspberries contain folate and it helps with antioxidants needed for both mother and baby.
    huckleberry;  contains powerful antioxidants, including anthocyanins and polyphenols essential for both mother and baby’s health.
    gooseberries;  called amla or Indian gooseberries are very rich in micronutrients and safe to eat when pregnant. It helps to treat hormonal imbalances and nausea during pregnancy.
    mulberries;  contains vitamin C and are a rich source of iron needed for both mother and baby.
    saskatoon berries; are rich also in antioxidants and vitamins and helpful during pregnancy.
    muscadine berries;  are very rich in manganese, riboflavin, iron, folate, fiber, zinc, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A, copper, and magnesium. Eat moderately and discuss options with your doctor before consumption.
    buffaloberries;  consult with your doctor before consumption as this berry is a good sedative amongst all the antioxidants it contains.

    Be open to discussing these options with your doctor when pregnant so he can identify what’s best for you and your baby.


    Pregnant woman eating fruit salad lying on her bed

  4. Citrus


    Citrus such as oranges and lemons are rich in vitamin C which plays a role in the proper development of the baby’s bones. Citrus fruits aid digestion for the mother and also prevent the occurrence of morning sickness during pregnancy.

  5. Kiwis

    Kiwis are very rich in folic acids aside from being delicious. The folic acid nutrient helps to deter growth defects in the baby as it contains irons and also ensures that the mother’s blood supplies all the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the baby needed for growth and development.

  6. Watermelon

    Watermelon is another wonderful fruit to consume when pregnant. It contains vitamins A, B6, C, magnesium, and potassium which are needed by the mother. Magnesium helps the mother by ensuring that he muscles relax, keeps her hydrated as it contains 92% water, deters morning sickness and premature contractions, and also reduces indigestion.

  7. Mangoes

    Mangoes are very rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, folic acid, and minerals and are a good energy source for both mother and baby.

  8. Apricots

    Apricots are vitamin-packed fruits high in fibre, potassium, carbohydrates, and calcium. Apricots help to boost immunity and are also energy superfruits when pregnant.

  9. Cherries

    Cherries contain melatonin and are rich in vitamin C which is a good nutrient source for both mother and baby. It helps with the baby’s brain’s development as well and helps to regulate the sleep of the mother. Cherries prevent constipation and boost immunity for both mother and child.

  10. Pomegranates

    Pomegranates are very healthy and nutritious for both mother and child. It contains folic acid and antioxidants that helps to enhance skin glows for both mother and baby and it’s also rich in iron plus acts as a good energy source for both mother and child.

You might also want to discuss with your doctor on beneficial fruits you can take during your pregnancy and in what quantity you can consume on daily basis. I hope this information on 10 healthy fruits to eat during pregnancy is helpful.

Always ensure to rinse your fruits properly before consuming them, and be mindful of pesticide residue from harvest which can harm you and your baby. Did you know that bananas and kiwis are also berries? Visit our site regularly to learn more about proper nutrition. Remember to always wash your fruits properly before consumption. Best of luck in your journey of becoming an amazing mom.

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