Top 10 Benefits Of Pilates That You Didn’t Know

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Physical health and fitness are things that people become even more aware of every day. There are a large variety of options to pick from when it comes to exercising to improve your health. Because of the many benefits that Pilates has, more people are already adding it to their workout routines.

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a physical fitness exercise that was developed by a German, Joseph Pilates, in the early 20th century. He developed this practice with the idea that physical and mental health were closely connected and could be improved simultaneously. It is a combination of about 500 workouts inspired by yoga, calisthenics, and ballet. Pilates stretches and elongates almost all the major groups of muscles in the body in a balanced manner. 

There are many benefits of Pilates to enjoy – both physical and mental. It improves your body awareness, flexibility, balance, and strength.

Although similar to yoga, you should not mistake one for another. Yoga is a slow-paced exercise that focuses more on flowing through a series of movements using your body as resistance. Its focus is on improving body-mind connection, flexibility, and balance. Pilates on the other hand is more fast-paced. It involves moving through precise strength exercises designed to strengthen your core, improve balance and posture. 

If you have back issues or are looking to get a stronger core, tighter abs, straighter posture, then Pilates is the right workout for you.

Benefits of Pilates

1. Flexibility.

Pilates works on the muscles in the body in a way that expands and lengthens them thus making them easier to move. 

2. Pilates improves balance. 

There is a wide range of movements that can be performed during Pilates that will improve your balance incredibly. Slow and controlled movements like standing on one leg can help improve balance as it will take a lot of concentration and coordination to do. 

3. Strengthens your core. 

Pilates strengthens your abdominal muscles. But not only that, it helps you in maintaining a correct spine alignment, shoulder position, and pelvic position. These things improve posture which could be another benefit of Pilates. 

4. Improves mental health. 

Pilates focuses on breathing which can be calming and soothing. Deep breathing aids with sleep and the flow of blood. During Pilates, endorphins are released which causes a positive feeling in the body and a decreased feeling of pain. 

5. Pilates can be done by anyone of any age or size. 

Whether you’re a beginner in the fitness world, a senior, a plus-sized, slim, a teenager, or an athlete, Pilates can be customized to individual needs.

6. Strength.

One of the many importance of Pilates is that you can gain strength without bulking up. Strength gain is very easy as Pilates doesn’t involve lifting bulky machines or weights. Performing Pilates regularly gives you lean and strong muscles that are in proportion to your body.

7. Creates more body awareness.

Pilates is centered on awareness, control of body movement, the mind, and breathing. Each moment is made with an intense concentration on the body and mind. 

8. Gives your body a full workout.

Pilates focuses on every part of your body and doesn’t leave room for undeveloped muscles. 

9. Prevents injury.

Pilates is a slow and controlled exercise so the risks of injury are low.  It can also be a form of injury rehabilitation. 

10. It is convenient.

Because you don’t need any special equipment for Pilates, you can do it anywhere, even from the comfort of your home.


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