12 Days Of Christmas Fitness Challenge

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, BeYAH Fitness gave to me twelve workouts to try. In keeping with our Fit Christmas themes, we have brought you early Christmas presents – our 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge. People struggle to continue with their fitness goals during the holidays, and this challenge is a great way to remain active, motivated, and fit during your Christmas holiday.

With all the delicacies to be indulged in, it is easy to get carried away with food and fun during the festive season. To compound it, there is the frenzied lineup of one social obligation after the other to deal with, and it can be hard to keep up with your fitness routine. If you had a holiday fitness challenge you could do easily at home before or after your chores, it would give you a head-start on your fitness New Year’s resolution.

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What Are the 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge?

The 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge features twelve bodyweight exercises designed to exercise your whole body. The best part is that you can do them in the comfort of your home. Each exercise is designed to get your heart racing and burn a lot of calories.

1 – Plank hold for 20 seconds

(Video credit: Bowflex)

2- Superman extensions

3- Burpees


(Video credit: Bowflex)

4- Push-ups

5- Reverse lunges

6- Leg lifts

7- Tuck jumps

8- Crunches

9- Alternating side lunges

10- Mountain climbers

11- Hip raises

12- Squats

(Video credit: Bowflex)

How to do the challenge

The premise of the challenge follows the theme of the song. You begin with a plank hold for 20 seconds. Then switch to two superman extensions, followed by another plank hold for 20 seconds. Next, you do three burpees, two superman extensions, and one plank hold for 20 seconds. After that, follow with four push-ups, three burpees, two superman extensions, and one plank hold for 20 seconds. Continue the circuit until you have built up the countdown from twelve squats back down to the plank hold for 20 seconds.


To make the exercises more challenging, you can add weights like dumbells, if you have them or have access to a more extensive gym, to your exercises while squatting or doing the lunges. If you don’t, you can use your milk jugs or get reasonably sized bottles with a good grip and fill them up with small pebbles and stones.


The 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge look easy at first glance, but that wouldn’t make it much of a challenge, would it? In reality, it adds up intensity as you work your way down through the exercises. While completing the exercises, try to do them as fast as possible. To remain motivated, try to challenge yourself to complete these Christmas-themed workouts multiple times this festive season and see if you can do them within a lesser period.

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