February Is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month

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February is healthy lifestyle awareness month! It’s almost two months since we made it into the new year. Lots of people have made their new year resolutions to be healthier, exercise regularly and try new stuffs. Interesting how the new year always keeps us excited and we tend to make resolutions not knowing what steps to take to achieve the best part of us. One thing you must know is that being healthy is not about going to the gym once a month and eating healthy meal when you have the chance. This is more than that. To be in good health means following a healthy lifestyle and this month of February is healthy lifestyle awareness month and in this article we will be sharing tips to help.

Tips for this month of February – Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month

So how can you achieve this? Simple, just take baby steps! Every journey begins with a step. You can start from here;

  1. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits: This month is the month that highlights the importance of nutrition. You are what you eat! Our bodies need adequate amount of vitamins and minerals and these are found in our fruits and vegetable. One way to fuel your body to get substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals which the body needs daily for proper functioning is to source for the right nutrient. Vitamin supplements can also be used as buffers in the event that your daily diet lacks the required daily requirements. Important nutrients are vitamin A, B Vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, iron & magnesium.
  2. Engage in physical activities like exercising daily: Every step you take to exercise counts. Physical inactivity exposes you to risks of non communicable diseases like hypertension. Aim to walk, run, swim, dance, stretch, jump and do something for your body every day to keep you healthier.
  3. Sleep is essential: Don’t joke with your sleep. Get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep daily. Respect your body enough to give it the desired rest it needs to help maintain a healthy body and healthy weight. Doing so will help you reduce stress levels and keeps your brain active when needed.
  4. Hydrate frequently: Drink water, your body needs it. Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily. Try to avoid sugary drinks in place of water as this can lead to excess sugar consumption. Which could also result in weight gain or energy overload.

Others you can try for this month since its all about a healthy living

We love everything being holistic! A part of this exercise can also include spending quality time with your family, friends and loved ones as this will contribute to your overall health. The jokes, the laughter, communications during interactions can heal, revitalize and boost your body’s metabolism. Remember! Starting small is the key. You can decide to socialize more often, make more friends and join new communities. Explore but disassociate from bad or negative energies because they will break you faster than you know it. Make new friends, join challenges with friends like taking the greatest number of steps daily. Try new exercise routines, dance regularly even try it in your kitchen (be careful – its a challenge).  You can maybe borrow someone’s dog for a quick run to feel energized.

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In your diet you can choose to start small from there, life life is full of adventures! What would you like to try out or include in your diet? Start small. Making a choice of something you can keep pace with and maintain on a long term run is a goldmine. You can do this! Try eating more fish or chicken or assorted over red meat. You can substitute herbs for salt to add flavor to your meal.


Exciting times are here! Make sure to consult a doctor if you have health challenges before partaking in any form exercise. Health is Wealth! Make it work for yourself in this healthy lifestyle awareness month. Cheers to a healthier you!

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