5 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Belly Fat

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November 1, 2017
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January 19, 2018

Lots of people struggle to get rid of belly fat, which is a sign of good living at first. But, unfortunately, it is a misconception to believe that belly fat is a sign of a good life.

Potbelly is another name for belly fat, and it is called visceral fat. These are those stubborn fats that hang beneath the muscles in the stomach. Such fats are strongly associated with several health complications in humans.

Gone are those days when Men & Women with huge belly fat are regarded as wealthy ones, all thanks to the power of information in research. People have realized the dangers of storing belly fat and the threat it poses to health.

Subsequently, this has led some people to seek solutions to this problem. They resort to several methods of dieting, surgery, cool sculpting, or tummy tuck. Of course, all in the name of getting rid of belly fat.

How Dangerous Can Belly Fat Be If I Must Get Rid Of It?

get rid of belly fat

  1. Scientifically, belly fat has a connection with metabolic syndrome, heart disease, insulin resistance, diabetes (type 2), etc.
  2. Belly fat can lead to the overproduction of hormones and chemicals that harm health. These hormones increase the risk of diseases such as stroke, heart attack, etc.
  3. Because of the nearness of belly fat to the liver, it produces harmful toxins. These toxins get to the liver through blood circulation, causing considerable damage with time.
  4. Accumulation of fatty tissues in the abdomen swings the body of hormone production. These hormones cause the division of body cells. And this leads to cell mutation and increases the risk of cancer with time.

How Do I Know When I Have Belly Fat?

Belly fat is quite different from other types of fat. Belly fat could be ascertained by measuring the distance around your waist circumference. In other words, a simple measuring tape can aid in carrying out the measurement. Any value above 40inch/102cm and 35inch/88cm for men and women respectively indicate the presence of belly fat.

Such numbers mean that you should get ready to do something about it to avoid getting into serious trouble.

What Can I Do To Help Myself?

get rid of belly fat

It will be unfair of me to talk of belly fat without telling you how to get rid of it. I have outlined below some simple home remedies for you to keep belly fat at a distance;

  1. Cut your intake of refined sugar to the barest minimum.
  2. Make sure protein is part of your diet.
  3. Exercise your body on a weekly or daily basis.

For an effective result, I recommend you implement what you have learned in conjunction with the tips covered in the article; 46 Reasons To Drink Water Daily.

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