Can I Really Lose Weight Holistically Using Natural Means?

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May 18, 2020
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May 21, 2020

Do you want to lose some pounds? Are you wondering if there are natural means to lose weight holistically? You don’t have to worry anymore because we’ve got the answer.

YES, you can really lose weight holistically using natural means.

Using holistic natural means for weight loss can help you achieve a healthy and sustainable weight loss without strenuous exercise or any other form of stressful activity.

But before starting your weight loss journey, it is important to know the principles behind what you are engaging in and why you are making this choice. Doing this will help you in achieving and sticking to the practices for the long term.



The holistic approach to weight loss by natural means can be achieved when you know the cause of any underlying health condition that can lead to excessive weight gain.

You don’t have to push yourself too hard. You can achieve your desired weight loss holistically using the following natural means:

  1. Healthy Diet and Nutrition
  2. Breath and Movement
  3. Lifestyle and Environment


Keeping a close look at your diet and nutrition is the first approach to holistic weight loss by natural means. This is particularly important because your diet and nutrition play a vital role in your body weight.

Healthy nutrition consists of high-quality ingredients that boost your immune system, mood, and energy. They also increase the feeling of satisfaction and reduce the unnecessary urge for food.  To get you started on a healthy diet, here are some helpful tips just for you.

Get Rid of Refined Foods

Refined foods include sugar and processed foods. You must eliminate them from your diet as they contain hidden sugars that are not necessary for your weight loss journey. Also, avoid foods that contain corn syrup, dextrin, sucralose, maltodextrin, or maltitol on your diet list. Although it may be hard at first, it is worth trying.

To get you started you can substitute refined sugar with honey and cinnamon essential oils. Honey is known to control appetite while cinnamon essential oil helps to balance blood sugar levels, thereby promoting weight loss.

Choose Your Carbohydrates Wisely

Carbohydrates are one of the major primary sources of energy for the body. Thus, it is important that you choose the right carbs for your weight loss journey. And there is none better than complex carbohydrates.

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Complex carbohydrates break down slowly, reducing your craving for foods and making you fuller with less. Not only that, but they also are rich in fibre and help in managing sugar spikes. In summary, eating complex carbohydrates makes it easier to lose weight and also maintain a healthy weight.

Complex carbohydrates that are important for your weight loss journey include:

Whole grain meals e.g brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, oats, and quinoa

Legumes e.g kidney beans, green peas, beans, and lentils

Fibre-rich fruits e.g apples, bananas, and berries

Fibre-rich vegetables e.g  broccoli, spinach, etc

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated most of the time is one of the essential things you can do in your weight loss journey. Water is very important for proper digestion, elimination of waste, and transportation of nutrients.  Therefore, you can say that purified water is also an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Water tends to curb appetite and make you feel full, which can keep you from overeating. This is a major reason it is vital for your journey in healthy weight loss. So the next time you are craving sugary drinks, opt for water instead.


Engaging yourself in physical activity or exercise tends to increase metabolic rate. Regular mild physical exercise is essential in promoting the flow of energy in your body. But don’t think you have to stress yourself to do this.

Doing physical activity can be as mild as taking a stroll through your neighborhood. Apart from the exercise benefit, this simple activity also allows you to breathe in the fresh air and brighten your mood.

In essence, adding physical activity to your daily routine promotes blood circulation, burns unwanted calories, and strengthens your muscles.


It can be unbelievable to think that your lifestyle can be the cause of excessive weight gain. But it sure happens.

For instance, most people don’t know that drinking alcohol can cause serious weight gain. How does this happen? Well, alcohol contains high calories that are not good for your health. And in addition to causing sugar cravings, alcohol leads to the accumulation of toxins that inhibit the function of the immune system. So if you take alcohol and really want to lose weight, it is advisable to stop drinking it altogether.


Maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition is one of the most important things that will help you in your weight loss journey. And you can easily do it using the holistic natural means highlighted in this article. As long as you stick to healthy diet habits, the results will amaze you.

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