Men’s Health Month: How You Should Be Celebrating

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The Goal Of Men’s Health Month

The month of June is the Men’s Health Month in the U.S. Men’s Health Month encourages men to take care of their health by eating right, exercising, and taking precautions to prevent diseases. It also enriches men’s health and wellness by raising awareness of preventable health issues and encouraging early detection and treatment of diseases in boys and men.

On average, men are more likely to die almost five years earlier than women. Part of the reason could be that men often neglect to take care of themselves as they should. This could be due to their demanding responsibilities and career. It could also be because men are more reluctant to visit the doctor compared to women. But, early detection of diseases could potentially save them from a lot of life-threatening illnesses.

We thought it would be a good idea also to raise awareness among our local readers to help them encourage boys, men, and their families to be in more control of and care for male health issues.

What You Can Do To Participate

Regardless of your gender, everyone has a role to play during Men’s Health Month. Here are six things you can do to participate.


You can plan activities to exercise on the weekends, after work, or even during lunch. Be more active. Go for a long walk or jog. Start playing football again. Play basketball. Ride a bicycle. Regular exercises reduce the risk of developing certain illnesses like colon cancer and heart diseases.

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Adjust your diet.

Processed foods and foods high in cholesterol, saturated fats, trans-fat, and sugar are a sure way to cause inflammation, sickness, and diseases. Try to adjust your diet. Commit yourself to a healthy diet of high-fibre foods like beans, legumes, avocado, and oats; fruits and vegetables; whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat bread, quinoa, and pasta; lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish.

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Find healthy ways to cope with stress.

Stress reduces the quality of your life, including your health. It puts you at an increased risk of heart diseases, depression, and other life-threatening diseases. You need to find healthy ways to manage stress to make you live longer and healthier.

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Vaccines and inoculations.

Get vaccinated and keep up with your recommended shots, including for pneumonia, flu, shingles, and diphtheria/tetanus. This is very important to prevent the onset of avoidable diseases.

Avoid smoking and heavy drinking.

Smoking has been linked to many diseases such as lung disease, cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Excessive drinking has also been linked with liver diseases, cancer, hypertension, and psychological problems. This month might be a good time to quit the cigarette sticks and limit your alcohol consumption to improve the quality of your health.

Go to the doctor.

Early detection of diseases is vital for effective treatment. Men need to get regular checkups as women do. Make an appointment with your doctor. Put it on your calendar and actually go for the checkup.

Boys and men alike can learn to take their health and choices into their hands, but they will also need all the support they do. Wives, daughters, neighbors, mothers, sisters, and other people can help by exercising with them, scheduling their checkups, and visiting the doctors with them. Everyone has a part to play.

You can also spread the message in your community or use social media to raise awareness about men’s health issues around the world.

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