Why Your New Year’s Resolution For Fitness Will Fail

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It is a new year, and you know what that means. People have already compiled their list of things they would get up to for the year. Year in, year out, topping the list of almost every new year’s resolution is fitness, exercise, or any of its variants. Most people make a resolution to shed a few kilos or start living healthier within the year.

Usually, gyms are packed full by this time, but with the onset of the pandemic, most people have switched to running and home exercises. The problem is that the initial gusto to become fit barely lasts through January. By month’s end, people are already struggling to remain committed to their fitness goals. By the first quarter of the year, they have given up entirely on the new year resolutions. We will discuss several reasons why this happens in the coming paragraphs.

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Top Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail

1. You have not mastered the art of setting realistic and attainable goals.

This is where a lot of people begin to make mistakes. Their fitness goal is a long list of things they vow to take from or add to their lives, and most of them are simply not attainable. At least, not simultaneously. It splits your attention and quickly makes fitness a tiring chore to keep up with. 

Choose one or two goals to focus on for the year and slowly add more as you get more comfortable and accustomed to it.

2. You fail to make a plan.

You know what they say. If you fail to make a plan, you plan to fail. Fitness is not something you do when you “feel” like it. Because there will be plenty of days when you do not feel like getting out of bed, talk more about engaging in rigorous exercises. However, if you have a structured plan, it is easy to jump into a routine, even when you do not feel like it.

3. You are constantly making excuses.

If you try hard enough, you will always find a “valid” excuse not to follow through with your fitness plans. “I don’t feel so good today; I will work out tomorrow,” “I have a long day today, so I will skip my diet today.” All of these and more sound like reasonable excuses when you are trying to negotiate your way out of fitness. That is why it is important to make simple, actionable plans and also stick to them as much as you can. 

4. You don’t have any form of accountability.

Accountability is a good way to track your progress and help you sustain the right attitude to remain motivated. If you don’t have a workout buddy to help you do that, several apps on the internet to keep you accountable. Alternatively, you can grab a pen and book to track and record your progress. Write down your goals, every workout you do, and the number of reps involved. Try to improve your performance and beat your previous record.

5. You know what your resolutions are but not why you have them.

You will be surprised by the number of people who hop on the fitness train because it is what everyone else is seeing. Here’s the thing; motivation is internal. Without a burning reason for wanting to keep fit, you lose steam midway. Yes, the fitness goals are important; but why are those goals important to you? 

Do you want to live healthier because you have preexisting health conditions? Or do you want to fit into your clothes better or feel more confident about your body? Whatever those reasons are, they are yours to hold on to and use as a reminder.

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