What Are The Symptoms Of Thyroid Problems in Females?

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February 28, 2021
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Thyroid problems develop when your thyroid glands either produce too many thyroid hormones or too little. And your system needs these hormones to control activities like how fast it burns calories and your heartbeat rate. In this article, I will share some of the symptoms of thyroid problems in females. 


According to experts, women are more prone to thyroid diseases than men, especially after pregnancy and after menopause. 


Here are some of the signs of thyroid problems in females; 


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#1. High Heart Rate


Your heart rate doesn’t just increase. It’s often triggered by certain conditions, and the thyroid is one of them. When your thyroid gland is working too hard, it tends to produce too many hormones. And this increases the heart rate. 


You may not be able to measure your resting heart rate without heart palpitations. However, the latest smartphones feature a health app that can measure your heart rate. 


When at rest, if your heart measures 60 to 100 beats per minute, it’s normal. But if your heart consistently measures 80 beats per minute, it calls for concern. Don’t hesitate to contact your physician. 


#2. Excessive Tiredness 


Several conditions may be responsible for your tiredness. But thyroid problems could also trigger it. And it’s due to your heart’s inability and blood pressure to function at the normal rate. 


Feeling excessive tiredness isn’t a symptom you should overlook. Once you experience it, contact your physician directly. It’s often one of the early symptoms of thyroid problems. 


#3. Anxiety 


If you are experiencing hyperthyroidism (one of the thyroid problems), you will struggle with anxiety. And this could trigger unnecessary anger and uncontrolled emotional outburst. That’s why it’s essential to evaluate yourself if you suddenly find it difficult to move along with people. 


From experience, most women with anxiety feelings are suffering from hormonal changes due to thyroid disorder. 


#4. Weight Loss or Gain 

Weight loss or gain is one of the earliest symptoms of thyroid problems. When your thyroid gland doesn’t function optimally, it can’t produce enough hormones to burn the required calories to maintain a healthy weight. 


Similarly, when your thyroid gland produces too many hormones, it will burn more calories than necessary. And that will make you lose weight rapidly without explanation. 


So, whichever be the case, always visit your healthcare provider if you experience unusual weight loss or gain. 


#5. Body Shakes 


Let’s get this clear, thyroid isn’t the only health condition that makes the body shakes. Several other conditions may be responsible for your shaking hands or inability to relax. 


However, when your body trembling becomes a recurring decimal, you might want to take a thyroid test. It’s better to detect a thyroid problem early before complications set in. don’t forget, a stitch in time, they say, saves nine. 


#6. Inability to Focus 


Inability to concentrate on a task could be one of the symptoms of thyroid problems. If you often lose your concentration more than necessary, or you forget things easily, you may be experiencing a thyroid problem. 


Little things like forgetting where you parked your car, inability to track names and dates, etc., are some of the obvious symptoms of thyroid problems. But don’t just conclude. Take a trip to your physician and possibly undertake a thyroid test. 


#7. Hair Loss 


They, don’t freak out. Sometimes, hair loss is normal, especially if it’s a few strands of hair. However, you should be concerned if you start finding an unusual bald spot or your hair suddenly become thinner than it was.  


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