The Top Amazing 16 Health Benefits Of Skipping

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Due to hectic schedules, the lockdown, or lack of motivation, a lot of people have been doubling down on their goal of having a fit body. Very few realize that there are so many easy exercises that don’t take hours to be effective and don’t need you to leave your house. Skipping is one of them. The many benefits of skipping make it one of the favorite exercises for many athletes and celebrities.


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Benefits of Skipping

The benefits are endless, and you will be surprised how much progress skipping will have on your health. Skipping is an amazing cardio exercise that can burn up to ten calories in a minute. Skipping alone does not only make you lose weight but it can help tone your core and build strength and stamina.  After reading these benefits of skipping, you’ll want to get shoes and a favorite workout playlist and get exercising.

Skipping enhances the health of the heart. This is one of the most effective cardio exercises. 

  1. It decreases the risk of stroke and heart disease significantly.
  2. It reduces belly fat and tones your abdominal muscles.
  3. Skipping is a full-body workout that tones both the upper body and lower body.
  4. It strengthens the bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  5. Skipping improves mental health. When you skip, a hormone called endorphin is released which eases depressive moods.
  6. It improves your balance and coordination.
  7. High-intensity exercises like skipping improve the circulation of blood in the body and thus flushes out toxins and give the skin some nutrients.
  8. Skipping helps with weight loss as over 1,200 calories can be burnt in an hour of skipping.
  9. It’s a great indoor exercise that is easy to do. Great for bad weather and this lockdown.
  10. It is inexpensive as the only thing you need is a pair of good shoes and a skipping rope.
  11. It is versatile and portable. It’s one exercise that can be done anywhere.
  12. Skipping enhances body flexibility. It makes the muscles relaxed hence providing some flexibility.
  13. This is a very fun exercise with some variations like the crisscrosses. It is impossible to get bored.
  14. Skipping helps with digestion and the digestion process.
  15. It can help improve your posture if done properly by straightening your shoulder blades and spine.
  16. It improves your breathing. When you breathe harder, your lungs increase their ability to take in oxygen and process it.

Note that people with heart diseases and osteoporosis are advised to see a doctor before performing this exercise. 


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