5 Training Mistakes That Affect Your Fitness Progress

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October 31, 2020
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Remaining motivated to reach your fitness goals is hard. It is even harder when you burst your ass daily and can’t see any results. When this happens, it is usually because of some training mistakes you make at the gym. Not to worry, everyone makes one of those – a newbie or gym rat. However, it is time to take note of those training mistakes and make changes.

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1. What and When to Eat

One of the biggest problems that people face when training for a goal is the food they eat. It is not just the weekly binges that completely throw off your diet progress. It also involves the types of food you eat before and after your training. At some point, you must eat before exercising to give yourself the needed energy boost. But what do you eat after you leave the gym?

If you want to cut fat, you should focus more on eating small portions of proteins after training. However, if you are looking to build muscle mass, you will need to eat a lot more. Large portions of proteins with low-fat content works best for muscle building.

2. Gym Supplies

The right gym supplies ensure that you don’t cut your training short due to discomfort. Always prepare for training beforehand. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated without having to take breaks every five minutes to look for water. If you need one to exercise, get your headphones. Carry a gym bag for your supplies and valuables to save the stress of leaving your things unattended.

3. Include Variety In Your Exercises

Another example of training mistakes people make is not mixing up their exercises. There are different workouts for different times of training and results. You should never limit yourself to strength training or cardio.

People who don’t lift or use machines in their exercise can do yoga for strength training. People who don’t like cardio can jog or include barbell workouts in their training. These exercises can work up your heart rate, give you enough cardio to make you sweat, and provide strength training.

4. Use Small Equipment

There is a wide range of equipment in the gym – large and small. Small equipment is equally as useful as the large machines in the gym. Resistance bands, jump ropes, balance trainers, hand & ankle weights, and stackable step boxes add varieties to your exercises. Do not overlook them and use them to add variety to your exercises.

5. Choose Machines Carefully

Not every machine in the gym is useful to you. Some only waste your time while giving you the illusion of building and breaking down muscle. You should avoid those machines. Some examples are the elliptical, abductor/adductor machines, exercise bikes, leg curl & extension machines, and other machines used to work the abdomen primarily. If you are not sure of the functions of a machine, try to google it.


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