Wheat bran is the absolute best.

Soup consumption should do the trick when taken before each meal.

Frozen fruits are better.

Sure you can.

Guava fruit because it contains fiber, vitamin c and protein.

Turkey is the best option.

The green tea.

Take them all through the day.

Walnuts are the healthiest.

Wake up to drink at least a glass of water to begin your day.

Butter is, better still olive oil is a great option.

No, they contain lots of calories that will affect your weight loss.

Only if the wheat bread is 100% wheat bread then it is better than white bread.

No. Fishes such as swordfish, tilapia, catfish, should be avoided.

No they are not.

Get yourself checked for sleep apnea therapy.

Chocolate is healthy is it contains 70% or more cacao.

You are consuming lots of calories in your diet.

Sure, at least 1 – 2 cups is perfect anything thing more is a NO.

You can if you decide to untrain yourself from your trained habits.

Best option is to chose the quality over quantity

No, eat plenty of fruits.