7 Signs That You Are Addicted To Sugar

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Is It Possible To Become Addicted to Sugar?

Absolutely! When people crave sugary foods in unhealthy ways, it shows that they’re addicted to sugar. These people lose all sense of self-control when they see sugar and eat more than they planned. Too much sugar can cause problems in the body like insomnia and weight gain.

The Effect Of Sugar On Your Body

Sugar powers every cell in the body, including the brain cells. Your brain can then interpret sugar as a reward and keep you desiring more of it. If you consume a lot of sugar, you reinforce that reward and create a habit that is tough to break.

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When you consume sugar in any form, it gives you a rush because the body quickly breaks it down to glucose and releases it into your bloodstream. When that happens, your blood sugar levels spike. You can also find other simple carbs like sugar in dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. However, they don’t give you a rush like pure sugar, syrup, candy, sweets, and soda because they contain fiber and protein that slows down the breakdown process.

The pancreas makes insulin to move the glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells for energy. When this happens, your blood sugar level may suddenly drop. This quick change in blood sugar levels can leave you feeling shaky and lethargic. The lows set in, and you begin to crave more sweets to get that rush you had before, and the cycle continues.

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Signs That You May Be Addicted To Sugar

A lot of people do not realize they are addicted to sugar until it is almost too late. Hidden sugar found in seemingly healthy or normal food options like salad dressing, tea, coffee, drinks, and bread have a role to play in it. People don’t know how much sugar they’re really consuming because it looks like they’re not taking any at all.

When it comes to sugar addiction, here are seven signs to look out for.

Bad skin

When you have constant acne flare-ups, that’s a sign that you are consuming too much sugar. Excessive consumption of sugar may contribute to female menstrual hormonal imbalance, causing acne along the jaw.

Sugar can cause permanent damage to the skin proteins (elastin and collagen), causing you to age prematurely or get wrinkles. Another side-effect of excessive sugar consumption is that it causes inflammation, which can also lead to breakouts. Drinking one can of soda every day increases inflammation by 87% while drinking two cans of soda daily increases by 105%.

You always crave sugar.

As explained before, your body reacts to sugar like a drug. You begin to crave more to get the same sugar rush. Foods with high sugar are addictive because they release dopamine, making your body interpret it as a reward. As a result, you go back to eat more to get that quick fix.

You feel lethargic

People with sugar addiction suffer inexplicable lethargy. That’s because the body has to use the glucose in the bloodstream to provide energy for the cells to begin the cycle all over again. This energy drain is called a sugar crash. The higher the sugar rush, the lower the resulting crash.


Fructose is a common type of sugar and can be found in peaches, apples, as well as sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. The body does not easily absorb fructose, so it causes bloating and flatulence.


People addicted to sugar cannot resist eating sugar right before bedtime. This leads to a sugar rush and makes it harder for them to fall asleep.

Weight gain

Weight gain is probably one of the most apparent signs of sugar addiction. When you consume too much sugar, the body stores it for use later. But if you don’t use up the stored sugar, it eventually becomes unwanted body fat.

Your taste buds become deadened to sweet foods.

When you consume high amounts of sugar, over time, your taste buds adapt to that level of sweetness and dulls its sensitivity. With every additional sugar you eat, your taste threshold increases until sweet foods begin to taste normal to you. Your food would have to be extra sweet before you notice the sugary taste.

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