coronavirus COV-19

As the Corona Virus, also known as  COVID-19, is ravaging the world, many want to be safe. Hence, everyone in the world, young and old, might and small are eager to know how to be safe. To defeat the virus, it is essential to understand what it is and how it can spread.

Medically, it is known as a virus that causes respiratory tract infection. It mainly affects the sinuses, throat, and nose, or the lungs and the windpipe.

Corona Viruses have been present before. However, most of them weren´t dangerous. In early 2020, this changed due to the outbreak in China of a new type of Corona Virus. This new type of Corona Virus is known as an acute respiratory syndrome, coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

The outbreak, which started in China, quickly reached all parts of the world. The way it spreads is the same as other Corona Viruses spread, namely through person to person contact. Such an infection can range from being very mild to very serious. Severe cases can even lead to death.

What are the Symptoms of the Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

Those who suffer from the Corona Virus start to cough, experience shortness of breath and fever.  At an early stage, the symptoms are similar to a common cold, making it difficult to distinguish in some cases.

However, with time, the virus can worsen and cause pneumonia, respiratory failure and even septic shock in some cases. If exposed to the virus, symptoms might show up within two days but can occur up to 14 days.

At this period, it can be transmitted to other people. The symptoms of Corona Virus are similar to the flu. However, fever and breathing problems may be a reason for the doctor to suspect the presence of Covid-19.

A history of visiting affected places or coming in contact with infected persons could indicate a possibility of infection.

How does the Corona Virus COVID-19 Spread?

In most cases, the virus spreads from person to person, through being near a sick person who coughs or sneezes. It only takes these spray droplets to infect another person, as long as they are 6 feet away or closer. Should you breathe these droplets or swallow them, the virus has a way of reaching your body.

You can also contract the virus by touching a contaminated object, then touch your mouth, eyes or nose. Please note that doctors still aren´t sure whether this is the only way that the virus can spread.

Most importantly, you should know that animals can also transmit the virus as they can be infected as well.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself From The Virus?

If you live in an area where the virus has spread, it is vital to be cautious and wash your hands often, as this can kill viruses on your hands.

You shouldn´t only use soap, but alcohol-based sanitizer as well. You shouldn´t touch your face, after you were in contact with surfaces, as the virus can live on these surfaces for up to a couple of hours.

Make sure to sanitize your hands before touching your mouth, nose or eyes. Another way, in which you can protect yourself from the virus, is by keeping a distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing and preferably tries to maintain this distance from others in general, when possible.

You should stay at least 6 feet away, as the virus cannot spread to another person who is further than 7 feet away. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that wearing a face mask should be when you are unwell or instructed by a doctor.

The only cases, in which a face mask would be necessary, is if you are already suffering from the COVID-19 Corona Virus, or if you work as a health care worker or are caring for a person who suffers from it.

There are many clinical trials underway at the moment, which are working hard towards finding a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. Up until now, officials haven´t declared to have found such a vaccine. The virus continues to affect people every day worldwide.

Is Corona Virus Covid-19 Treatable?

When a person contracts virus, treatment is usually done based on the symptoms, which might mean that their fever would be treated and that person would need to rest more and drink more fluids.

Severe cases need continuous medical care and have to stay in the hospital, as in these cases, the condition might affect the respiratory tract, which would mean an increased risk of respiratory failure or septic shock.

What Is The Outlook For Those Suffering From COVID-19?

All cases of COVID-19 are different. Some might be mild, and the affected person might only experience mild, flu-like symptoms, which only last a couple of days, while other cases might be severe, or even fatal.

It can affect people of different backgrounds, and milder cases typically affect children and young adults. In contrast, older people are at an increased risk of not being able to recover from the condition so quickly.

This is explainable, due to the weakened immune system that older people often have, or other medical conditions, such as lung conditions, heart diseases, high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema, making them weaker in their fight against the quickly-spreading virus.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends staying at home as part of a measure to keep yourself and the community safe. In a situation where you feel unwell and difficulty in breathing, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

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