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What is Living  Water?

Water is life. That is really obvious. Living water is the kind of water that contains energetic nutrients such as the essential minerals needed for holistic well-being and healing.

That is why scientist while looking for life forms on other planets first are looking for signs of water. Without it is unlikely that any kind of forms ever exists. But what about those basics of our health? Do we drink water every single day? What kind of water should we drink?

The answer is easy. We should drink water with parameters which allow our body for more efficient and easier water absorption.  Why is that?

When we drink or eat any food, in order to extract or process water, which can be absorbed our body NEEDS to use energy.

We can speed up this process with drinking water, which would need our body much less energy to absorb it. Water with selected properties that is alive and resonate with our bodies.  But what makes it so special and what parameters are we talking about? Read below to find out:

Living Water: Warm or cold water?

Temperature: in order for living water to be absorbed and transported to our cells, our body needs to heat up, in case if you drink cold water, or cool it down, in case hot drink. This drinking water in body temp would be the most logical and reasonable solution.

Power of Hydrogen in Living Water.

One of the most important features of living water is its pH. Our body is a huge and complicated bio-machine which instead of having gears and wheels use proteins and the reactions between them.

All the reactions and movement are powered by electricity. Electricity exists in fluids, but in specifically in pH. A change in pH also changes the speed and activity of electrons and chemical reactions as well.

Our body also requires a specific pH balance in certain places. Blood pH, for example, is 7.36. That means that is slightly alkaline. Changing it even by 0.01 might cause serious damage.

Thus, blood pH has a very small range in which it can be maintained. And to state it again, blood is 90+% water. Acidic blood causes the red cells to stick together as a result of the different electrical activity. Red cells transport oxygen to our cells.

When they are “glued” together, the amount of oxygen they provide is much smaller than when the pH of the blood is correctly maintained. That might cause a decrease in oxygen transported to our cells, which causes many diseases including cancer.

That is why maintaining proper pH levels in our body plays a significant role in our health. Living water is the only fluid which goes straight to our cells and is not decomposed by the metabolic process like other intakes, i.e. proteins, fat, or sugar.

When we drink the living water that has a pH of less than 7 our bodies are very clever, so nature would not allow our blood’s pH to fluctuate much. Otherwise, we would die.

Thus, our organism takes alkalinity from our reserves to maintain the proper pH of our internal river – blood. Unfortunately, because most of today’s drinks have a pH below 7, our body needs to constantly use alkaline reserves. Our body requires calcium to do this, and where is the storage of calcium in our body?

That’s right, in our bones and teeth. Older people suffer from osteoporosis due to lack of calcium leading to weaker bones.

They often wonder where all their calcium went. Well, throughout their entire life it was used to neutralize all the acidity they were drinking and eating. What is more, to neutralize one part acidity, it requires 4 part alkalinity. That is why it is very imported to drink water with a pH of 7 or more.

Living Water As An Antioxidant

Negative Oxidation Redox Potential (ORP): during the process of metabolism, free radicals appear in our body. It is a molecule or atom which has only one, an unpaired electron on its last orbit. That means it creates a chain reaction, causing system drives to its balance. Thus, it “steals” an electron from the molecule next to it causing oxidation.

Free radicals should be in balance with the antioxidants in our body. Antioxidants are molecules which have additional electrons in their orbit which they can “give” to a free radical and make the system stable. This creates balance in our body.

Unfortunately, the water and fluids we normally provide our body, do not possess antioxidants. That is why it is crucial for us to eat foods and fluids with negative charges. But where can you find that kind of water? This water exists in nature as natural spring water.

Due to the oxidization that takes place in pipes, waters with negative charges can’t be transported. Even closing it into a bottle makes the charge of the water become positive, and it wouldn’t have a lot of additional electrons to give to the free radicals.


More Blood Alike!

Surface Tension: Surface tension is the elastic tendency of a fluid surface which makes it acquire the least surface area possible. Surface tension allows insects (e.g. water striders), usually denser than water, to float and stride on the water’s surface. Water usually has a higher surface tension than blood.

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That is why water drops make spherical shapes in contrast with blood drops, which usually spill on the surface. For living water to be able to stream into our blood system, our body makes an effort to reduce water surface tension to the proper value.

Natural Structure

Right Structure: in addition to all the features mentioned above, there is one more which is very important. A New York bestselling author, Emoto Masaru wrote in his book titled “The Hidden Messages in Water”, that water can form shapes depending on the exposure. 

Have you ever wondered why there are no two identical snowflakes in the world? Even if droplets of water contain same microelements, they would not form similar crystal shapes when frozen under the same conditions.

That made Mr Masaru wonder and he spent many years researching that phenomenon. He also discovered that frozen water can form different shapes based on emotion.

In his studies, he conducted that water from nature creates much more harmonic and symmetrical crystals than that from the tap or a bottle.

Living water

Due to the use of several water samples all over the world, he eventually, discovered that it has something to do with the amount of living energy the water carries.

Although natural water formed beautiful shapes in contrast to processed water, their structures can also be influenced by emotions.

The Rice In Jar Experiment

The experiment is simple and easy and can be done in every home. Many people all over the world proved the legitimacy of the results.

The experiment procedure is as follows

Get two jars, and add water and rice from a single source. Then in one jar, transfer good emotions. And on the other, add bad emotions. Repeat the process every single single day.

By simply writing on the jars, emotions can be transferred. The results are extraordinary and confirm what has stated above.

Classical and instrumental music makes the water create symmetrical shapes while heavy metal or satanic music creates chaotic shapes. Even the names of certain people written on the tanks of water make the water change according to the person’s achievements.

The structure is important because one drop of living water influences other drops around it.


All of that above sounds very unlikely to achieve in order to super-hydrate our body. Having water with stated above parameters makes it alive and easier to absorb. Drinking water with mentioned parameters helps us to hydrate our body on a cellular level.

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What Is Living Water?

Living water is the kind of water that contains energetics such as the essential minerals needed for holistic well-being and healing.