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October 9, 2022
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Who loves to be forever young? Imagine a life where you can know how best to manage those wrinkles and stop them from showing up. No one likes wrinkles or those sagging skin or dark circles around the eyes, eish! People grow older with time and it is interesting to learn how to manage those sagging skin and wrinkles and still look good and feel young. Just one way to fight this is to start early. There are some measures you can take to restore your skin’s elasticity, tone, and texture. This ultimate anti-aging guide can guide you to getting the skin care goals you are looking to have.


Difference between the youthful skin and aging skin is shown in the diagram below


Image Credit: Colorescience

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The skin passes through different phases before aging begins. Environmental factors and choices we make while living have a huge part to play in how eventually the skin turns out over time. Aging does affect both men and women, so it’s not only more in women you can’t say this ultimate anti-aging guide is meant for only women but both genders can benefit from taking this course.




Factors that contribute to Skin sagging and wrinkles.


  1. Genetics: Our genes are passed down to us as a role to play in the way we age. You can actually look at your mother as a reference to see how her skin complexion is at the age of 50 and you can picture how you will become at that same age. Pathology and chronological patterns do affect skin due to genetic mutation. Individuals that are found to be insulin-like growth deficient or isolated hormone growth deficiency are exposed to wrinkling and often pass this to their offspring. If your mom or you have someone from your family that happens to age quickly then you need to take preventive measures and this course is one of them.
  2. Skin type: By categories, there are five major types of skin types. You have the normal, dry, sensitive, combination, and oil type of skin. Sensitive skin tends to experience wrinkles at an early stage due to skin irritation.
    Dry skin is prone to aging early and because of its thin nature, the skin has superficial lines when it starts to age. Oily skin does age slowly but with deep lines. People with both dry and oily skin tend to develop wrinkles around their mouths before it’s obvious.
  3. UV Light exposure: The sun or UV light influences skin wrinkles depending on the skin type as well.



Signs of aging skin can be seen in four categories:

  1. Lack of cutaneous tissues firmness
  2. Disorders of the vascular
  3. Heterogeneities pigmentation
  4. Wrinkles

How to Prevent Aging Prematurely

  1. Avoid smoking.
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Eat healthy meals.
  4. Take care of your skin by cleaning the skin gently.
  5. Avoid harsh chemical products on the skin.
  6. Moisturize your skin daily.
  7. Wear sunscreen if you can to protect the skin from UV light exposure.
  8. Properly wash your face regularly.
  9. Take the ultimate anti-aging guide course.


Not sure where to begin, click this link to take the course now!

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