What is Wholeness?

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By definition, Wholeness means when something or someone expresses the quality of being complete, not broken or damaged into different parts or a single unit. You can also say Wholeness means “Complete In one piece.” When we define Wholeness in relation to nutrition we are talking about Self Wholeness. For one to measure up to this, it’s not teamwork. You have the most part to play in this. You cannot put your focus or rely completely on others for them to complete you. This is an “I or a Me Factor”.

Generally, Wholeness has four different aspects which are mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional wholeness. To experience this in full, all have to work together and be in order both as an experience and a concept to enable you to have a dynamic experience of wholeness as a human. One way to do this is to study and see ourselves from these different perspectives so as to live a satisfactorily healthy and balanced life.


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Let’s talk about the 4 perspectives briefly

Mental – This has to do with our intellect, reflection, and reasoning is it rational or intentional? This covers our rational and cognitive processes. In this case of mental wholeness, we need to acquire the skill to synthesize, analyze, integrate and create knowledge so that we can manage and communicate pieces of information accordingly, and solve problems by planning and organizing accessible options/scenarios in ways that are relevant.


Spiritual – This has to do with crossing the “T”s and dotting the “I”s. We learn to connect with our environments be they manmade or natural environment. Our inner self-discovery and relationship with ourselves and something greater than ourselves. Unveiling the truth about our inner lives. From here, you can learn to discover the sacredness of all things and be in awe of the findings of nature and the universe. You can also explore diverse opportunities to experience the expressions of mindfulness and show love toward all beings, especially yourself.


Physical – This is our bodies, our looks, natural and manmade environments, or our material self. It also relates to how we become aware and understand the intuitions of the body through wisdom, and how to consciously make better choices about what we produce pertaining to our health and well-being.


Emotional – Understand your affections, feelings, and reactions both positive and negative feelings. Building positive energies towards your emotions for the betterment of ourselves. We can learn to build this emotional perspective by accessing the heart’s wisdom, which may manifest as empathy, compassion, imagination, and felt intuition.


Importance of Wholeness

Wholeness originates from a positive inner alignment of our true sense of recognition, motive, and feelings about life generally. It frees us from any beliefs that might tend to limit us, helps us calm our fears, and gives us vitality and inner peace.


How can you experience wholeness?

We can experience wholeness through exploring the unique feeling of being, which is a non-verbal inner knowing, or a universal felt sense, that we all tend to experience. 

  1. You can do this by being in a quiet environment. 
  2. Taking the Wholeness Course will enable you to discover much more about this practice. 


Why do You need to take the Wholeness Course?

Wholeness Course Is Your Complete Guide to Wholistic Wellness

As of recent, there is a coalition of doctors whose practices in alternative medicine are factoring in holistic and lifestyle considerations into treatment plans. However, you should be and remain the greatest advocate for your own wellness- this course will help you become an expert in discovering how to best do so.

In this transformational course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of living in wholeness.
  • Learn how to identify your lifestyle inputs
  • Understand more about the spiritual aspect of wholeness better.
  • Begin to grasp the connection that exists between the body and mind.
  • Learn exactly how best to live an empowered lifestyle


Experience this today! Take the wholeness course and be nourished with knowledge in this.



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Beatrice Sargin
Beatrice Sargin
Beatrice Sargin is a dancer/choreographer, health and nutrition blogger, and a graduate Microbiologist who is passionate about good nutrition and holistic wellbeing. She's a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Eating for Weight loss Expert, and Personal Trainer. With her knowledge in these fields, she intends to improve the health of all those who care about their health by helping them work hand in hand to achieve their dream body, health, and lifestyle goals.
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