Many runners desire to enjoy the fulfilment of completing a run before their day begins, yet only a few people make running a habit. Making it a habit requires preparation and a good morning running routine will determine how much you would enjoy your runs. You need to take the time to prepare before a morning run. That usually means preparing from the night before to make sure you are ready to go immediately after your alarm goes off.

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A. Start Your Morning Running Routine From The Evening Before

1. Drink a lot of water.

When we sleep, we tend to wake up dehydrated, which can be a bit problematic when running in the morning. Ensure to drink a lot of water before bed, especially as you plan to get up and head out the door early in the morning.

2. Set out all your running gear.

Proper preparation and planning is the key to having a successful morning run. Charge your phones, smartwatches, headphones, and any other gadgets you will need to complete your run. Don’t forget to also include a running belt, fuel, water bottle, sunglasses, and any other accessories you’ll need to make your run comfortable

3. Prepare your breakfast or snacks.

To avoid waking extra early to make your pre-workout snack or breakfast and cut down on your meal prep time, then preparing your breakfast overnight is key. Try making some overnight oats or something quick and easy to grab. 

4. Shut down your screens, at least, 30 minutes before going to bed.

If you would like to wake up early for your morning run, that means going to bed earlier. Set your bedtime is such a way that you get 7-8 hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep. Even better, you can sleep in your work clothes. When you have a flawless and smooth morning running routine, it sets things in place even if you are the type that struggles to wake up.

B. Before Your Morning Run 

1. Don’t hit snooze.

Let’s face it, there are days when your alarm will ring at the exact moment you begin to enjoy your sleep. The temptation to hit the snooze button on your alarm is always there but don’t do it. Remind yourself that those extra minutes of sleep will do nothing but tempt you to add another set of extra minutes.


C. After Your Morning Run

1. Rehydrate

After your run, you should try to rehydrate and replace the fluids you must have lost while running. 

2. Complete some post-run stretches.

After a morning run, one very important aspect you shouldn’t neglect is your post-run stretch. Set aside 5-15 minutes to stretch out your muscles after you have completed your run. This helps to signal to your brain that your run is over and helps you avoid delayed muscle soreness. It also helps to remove lactic acid and prevent your muscles from feeling stiff for the rest of the day.

3. Enjoy a post-run snack or smoothie.

Give your body a quick recharge by grabbing a post-run snack or smoothie. Protein shakes, oatmeal with fruits, chocolate milk, or toast with peanut butter are all good options for recharging your energy because they contain the right amount of sugar and protein to refuel your muscles.

4. Log your thoughts and distance in a journal.

Get a journal to log your miles and thoughts after each run. It is a nice habit to help you track your progress. It can seem like a waste of time, especially when you are rushing out of the house but with time, you will begin to see its importance.

5. Take a quick shower before starting your day.

Before you begin your day, take a shower, and allow yourself to feel good about achieving such a feat. Especially as others would still be hogging their pillows and snoozing their alarm clocks.

Also, have it at the back of your mind that your plans will not cover everything. Some unexpected obstacles will come along the way and probably try to derail you from your goal of running. When things get to this point, always remind yourself of what your end goals are, and wait for the feelings to pass.


March 22, 2017
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